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Why Sybrina

A few Reasons Why You Should Donate to The Trayvon Martin Foundation

Simply put, by example the Trayvon Martin Foundation is changing the world positively.

Within the last year alone we:

• Served over 1,200 youth in YES! Youth Empowerment & Solutions Summit break-out sessions and came up with solutions to issues that plague them.

• We are in the process of providing 20 scholarships to 20 inner-city youth across America that would not otherwise available. In addition we will provide 12 scholarships to Sate of Florida Residence.

• We provide collaboration to a Circle of Mothers and Fathers (COF) (COF) who have been victimized by senseless gun violence. Such as the parents of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and more.

• We are working to find a solution to black on black crime by offering quarterly educational and interactive seminars.

• We will be offering a financial literacy program to inner city adults and youth.

• We provide stipends for parents who have been victimized by violence.

• Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin & Troy E. Wright are ambassadors across the nation in teaching love, respect, empowerment and everyone doing their part to change the world positively.

Although the Miami Give Day is November 19th We need help everyday so please consider helping with your tax write-off, donation or love offering today. The reality is if you do not give we cannot help others. We are a transparent 501-C3 organization. Click here to give.

February 5th was Trayvon Martin's 21st Birthday! $21 for 21st.

February 5th is Trayvons 21st Birthday. we are asking every who can, please donate $21. $2,100, or $21,000 to continue building the foundation for education and help fight injustice. - The Trayvon Martin Foundation is 501c3 non-profit.


With A Donation of $50 or More

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Foundation Newsletter! (1st issue March 1st)

Sybrina Fulton (Mother of Trayvon Martin) Read her Column "I didn't have a choice"
Tracy Martin - Circle of Fathers "Lead by example"
Troy E. Wright - Executive Director
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Trayvon Martin Foundation Prayer Breakfast - TBA, 2016

Pray for us!

The positive numbers about young black men

by Derrick Z Jackson

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